Our little piece of the world

A mother, wife, and teacher aims to make life simple

Welcome and intro!

Greetings everyone, and welcome to my new blog. I thought I’d start out with a little bit of information about me and where I’m coming from.

I’m a mother (of a wonderful 2 year old boy), wife (of 5 years), and high school teacher who lives in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. My husband and I have recently undertaken the gigantic task of building our very own timber frame home on the 30 acres of treed land that we were fortunate enough to purchase. Because we’re crazy, we’ve done a good amount of the work ourselves.

Our goal with the house was to be as self-sufficient as we could afford. Unfortunately things like solar panels come at a premium, and building a house is expensive as it is. We’ve made room to become more self-sufficient as time goes on, and our goals have become more and more long term.

I’ve decided to try and take “self-sufficiency” or “homesteading” one step at a time. Ultimately I’d like my family to learn how to grow our own vegetables, preserve food, quilt, and sew (better).  This is a huge lifestyle change for us. I have become a reasonably good cook over the past few years (since my son has been born), but there’s so much room for improvement.

This year we’ll be moving into our new house (though don’t ask me when because I’ve grown tired of trying to answer that question), and I’d like to start a small container garden. Kiddo is at just the right age to start to appreciate how cool gardening is, and I don’t want to grow nothing again this year. My husband is also eager to start working in his very own wood shop, as our new house has the garage that we have both always wanted but never had.

In this blog I’ll be discussing some of the amazing resources I’ve found about homesteading and simplifying life, these posts will be just as much fo rme own reference and memory as they will be for anyone else, but I welcome comments and information from everyone!


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