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Gardening with my kiddo

One of our goals for this year was to expose our little one to gardening. I tried it on a long weekend in February (“Family Day” to all you Ontarians out there), and could never have predicted how well it would go.

We went to the grocery store and popped into a local garden centre on the way home. Right now they’re only selling seeds and seed-starting supplies because it’s still -20C out there and there’s no chance of planing anything in the ground. Kiddo picked out sunflower seeds and cactus seeds and we headed home. I’ll readily admit that I was very uncertain about the cactus seeds, but decided to give it a whirl. We headed home with our seeds, started tray, and potting soil, and began our planting adventure.

It was not long until the dirt was everywhere… but man did we have fun.

Kiddo had the time of his life putting the dirt into cut up toilet paper tubes in the starter tray. We managed to get them into some semblance of order, and then he had the time of his life squirting me with the spray bottle.


We took care to water every day, and my son quickly learned when the soil felt dry or wet. And a few weeks ago we were rewarded for our labour of love- the seeds actually sprouted! I have to admit I was a little bit dubious about the whole thing, never having been much of a gardener, but the look of excitement on my son’s face was worth it a million times over. The sunflowers have grown quickly and the cactii are even starting to grow (a huge shock to me). I’m looking forward to having some sunflowers in the house, and maybe even a few cactii to place around the place. I’d love to have one to bring to my classroom.

We have a very busy weekend coming up, but stay tuned for next week when we plan to repot the sunflowers and try some more green cleaning ideas!


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2 thoughts on “Gardening with my kiddo

  1. drjeff7 on said:

    I am hoping that our kids will be more involved in the process this year. Keep up the good work!

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