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Growing Your Grub podcast

A few weeks ago I acquired a Blackberry playbook to use at work with my students, but have been finding more and more ways that I can use it at home too. I went in search of some decent podcasts that I could listen to on the way to work and came away with an amazing one that I wanted to share with all of you.

Growing Your Grub  is an amazing resource for novice gardeners who want to focus on organic techniques. Despite the fact that the creator, Steve Howard, lives in Texas and I live in Canada, I have found his information to be so useful as I plan and fanticize about the garden that I will someday create. I have listened to almost all of the episodes, and I’m planning on moving onto his other podcasts Born to Farm and Persuing a Country Lifestyle for a different perspective on my goals. Steve also has a very interesting blog that I read from time to time when I’m feeling uninspired.



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