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The downsides of doing it yourself

As I’ve mentioned here a few times, my husband and I are in the process of building our own home. We’ve been working on it in earnest for about almost a year now (the foundation went in last june). Though we’re certinaly not done, we’ve come a long way.

I’m off work for a week right now for march break (yay!) and my husband is off for a few weeks… so we got down to work. I took the day on monday and cleaned the place from top to bottom. I swept up sawdust and used the shop vac to get as much of it as possible. I did a run to the dump, and burned a ton of scrap lumber in the woodstove in the garage. It was a rainy day, but it felt great to get the place tidied up.

For the rest of the week my husband and his uncle (who does this kind of thing for a living) continued working on framing interior walls, and getting ready for the plumber to come finish up the rough ins. We really want to get some inspections completed over the next few weeks so that we can have the drywaller and tilers come and do their jobs.

Yesterday I left to go pick up our son from daycare, and we went home and made dinner for us and the guys working on the site. When I came back with dinner I found out that my husband had hurt his hand on a grinder when the blade broke, and had been driven to hospital to get stitched up.

Oh boy.

So we drove to the hospital and he was just having the stitches done. We waited around a bit (amid chaos in the emergency department- I am so glad I don’t work in health care and am so grateful for those that do), and finally drove home once a tetnus shot was had.

Unfortunately my husband now has one hand out of comission for the next little while (I say this as he’s currently out at the house, lifting plywood with one hand) as his hand is so swollen he can’t move his thumb.

So, is doing it yourself worth it? There is an immense satisfaction that comes with building your own home, and it’s a level of customization that you can’t get from just paying someone to do it for you. Not only that, but you do save so much money as well, and we’ve been able to build a home that we would never have been able to buy otherwise.

Of course things move more slowly, and it is exhausting. I would be lying if I said that I haven’t wished that someone else could just make the decision for me, or book the electrical inspection, or dig the hole, or clean up the sawdust. All that being said, even considering my husband’s injury- I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world (and I know hubby would say the same).


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