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Progress is progress, even if it’s slow.

We hit a big step with our house today: we completed some very important inspections for interior partitions as well as electrical and plumbing rough-ins. This means that we can finally get drywall and tile taken care of over the next 6 weeks or so.
My husband and I had a good talk about the progress on the house, and it came out how frustrated we both were with how slowly things have been going. I think I have mentioned that my husband is doing the majority of the work on our house himself, with the help of his uncle and his dad. I consider building your own home to be the ultimate in self-sufficiency- so there’s no question that we’re jumping in with both feet here.
Naturally, since so much of the work is being done by my husband and not by professionals- things are going slowly. It’s actually a miracle that we’ve moved as quickly as we have been.
It’s easy for us to get frustrated- but often doing things yourself from scratch and learning along the way is the slow way.


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