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Why holidays don’t have to mean “more stuff”

This past Easter weekend brought with it a visit from my family- my brothers and my parents, to spend some much-needed time together. It was a wonderful time of relaxation, good food, and play. We played card games, tried new recipies, and read books. It was wonderful in its simplicity.

We put a lot of thought into the toys that our son plays with after this past Christmas season, and put together a plan to make sure that the craziness didn’t happen again. Because my son is an early january baby, he is inondated with gifts and toys for a couple of weeks around Christmas time. This year was more than a little bit overwhleming as our brothers and parents inondated him with gifts.

1) Before a gift giving holiday, clean out your house of any toys and clothes that your kid(s) are too big for/ not interested in. It’ll make the wave of gifts a little bit easier to swallow.

2) Be respectful and talk to your family about it first- well in advance of when they might start shopping. Don’t just complain.

3) If you are saying you don’t want certain toys for your child give alternate solutions that people can buy for them! People are still going to want to get your child something for gift-giving holidays, so give them some ideas that you can live with and that compliment the way that you want to raise your child. Books and clothes (both of which my son enjoys) are our go-to requests.

4) Set a good example. If you don’t want people to buy certain things for your kids, don’t get it for theirs either! I love to give kids books because (as a teacher) they’re age-appropriate for almost anyone, and you can never have too many!

5) If all else fails- don’t be afraid to donate your kids toys that you don’t approve of. If it’s going to drive you crazy, it’s not worth it. We’ve also found that the toys that we don’t like also seem to end up being the toys that our son doesn’t like- so he doesn’t mind when they disappear.

I am very fortunate that both my husband and I have very patient and respectful famlies, who consider our requests for more simplified gift-giving for our son. This Easter was great as people got him pajamas, books, money (that went into his savings account), and a little bit of chocolate.


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