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The goal for this week: start making our own bread

Awhile ago we made the switch to buying bread only from a locally owned bakery downtown. While it was wonderful to be supporting a local business (and we will continue to buy our bread from there whenever we need it), it is fairly expensive and making our own bread is an easy way to become more self-sufficient.

This all started last week when my parents came for Easter weekend. My were coming as well, so we started talking about childhood favourite recipies that my mom could make (or bring with her for me to make). One of our favourite things for my mom to make when we were kids we called “monkey buns”. Not sure where the name comes from, as that’s not the name on the recipe and they’re just regular dinner rolls, but we loved them for some reason. She brought the recipe and I made it for dinner- my son loved them and my husband has asked for them twice since then.

Not only that, but it reminded me how easy it was to make dinner rolls instead of buying them. I used our bread maker to make the dough (which I know isn’t completely self-sufficient, but it’s a step in the right direction), and was very happy with the result.

The fleeting thought of making bread for our family intensified when I found this amazing blog with a ton of breadmachine recipies on it on pinterest. Seeing all these delicious breads that I would never be able to buy in a store.

I am so excited about getting to wake up to the smell of fresh-baked bread in the morning again. I have very fond memories of my childhood where lazy sunday afternoons were spent eating one of the sweet breads that my mom made for us, or waking up to the smell of fresh raisin bread in the morning.

If I’m able to get into the swing of making bread for us regularly, I’m going to order a slicing guide like this, because wonky slices of bread were one of my pet-peeves about the home made bread.


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