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Update: How I started cleaning my face with the help of olive oil

About 6 weeks ago I posted about how I started using olive oil, castor oil, and tea tree oil to clean my face instead of harsh chemical cleansers. I wanted to give everyone a quick update about how it’s been going.

  • I am still using this method exclusively to clean my face.
  • I have found that the dryness has subsided quite a bit
  • I have only had one zit on my face the entire time… not that I usually get many, but it’s usually more than that.
  • My skin feels softer. I don’t feel like I’m “glowing” like I’ve heard some people say about using this method, but I still feel great
  • I have not used much of the mix that I made at all, I figure that by the time I finish the bottle that I made (330 ml) it will have lasted me about 3 months.

All this got me thinking about cleaning my hair without shampoo, which has been on my mind because my scalp seems unusally dry and itchy lately. I am eager to see whether it would solve that problem. However, my current problem is that I can’t stand the idea of having greasy hair while I’m still working. I might take the opportunity to try it out over the summer, but that seems so long away.

In the meantime, I’ll be trying it with my son’s hair as soon as his “baby shampoo” runs out. I know that it contains all kinds of chemicals that I would rather keep away from him.



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2 thoughts on “Update: How I started cleaning my face with the help of olive oil

  1. I use olive oil (just right out of the bottle) on my daughter’s head about once per month. She had chemotherapy a few years ago and since her hair grew back, she has had severe dry scalp that itches uncontrollably. The only thing that has worked is olive oil. I used on myself this month as well. It’s amazing.

    We just use it straight and leave it in for about an hour. Then we wash with regular shampoo. I try to do it on a Friday night so it’s out by the school/work week. I’d love to hear if you come up with a natural shampoo with olive oil that works as well!

    • Awesome to hear from someone who’s been using olive oil- thanks for leaving an comment!
      The blog I’ve referred to about cleaning your hair without shampoo (www.simplemom.net) uses a baking soda/water mix as “shampoo” and a apple cider vinegar/water mix as “conditioner”. Like I said I’m anxious to try it, but somewhat nervous about the transition period that she mentions. I plan to give it a try during the summer when my hair can be greasy and no one will notice 🙂

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