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Earth Hour

This past Saturday was earth hour. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it (which is probably not many of you- but I digress), earth hour is an initiative that was created in order to raise awareness of climate change as well as to reduce energy consumption for a little while. It’s a very simple concept- everyone is asked to turn off the lights, tv, and other electronic devices at 8:30 pm local time.

It’s really too bad that it’s come to this… that asking people to turn off their lights and tvs for one day a year is actually asking anything at all.   My husband and I try to make it a goal to do this for a night at least once a week. We light up a couple candles, play a board game or just chat for the night with a glass of wine. I’ve heard of other families having a family board game night or a no-electronics night. Everyone has their own reason for doing this: some want to save electricity, some want to spend some time together with loved ones, some genuinely enjoy having less dependance on electricity in their lives.

For our family it’s a combination of all those reasons. We often talk (on our electricity free nights) about how nice it will be to someday have a firepit outside, or a bunch of lanterns in the house (we’re working on our collection), or a working masonry fireplace. We think fondly about the day that we’ll be able to have electricity-free days, and we’re genuinely excited about the prospect of this happening in the near future.

Did you celebrate earth hour? Did it inspire you to make a bigger change in your life?


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