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This is why I don’t have a cell phone

My decision to not have a cell phone does come with many disadvantages. There are often times when I’m downtown picking something up, or I’m going to be late, or I’m not near a phone, that I would love to just be able to take my phone out of my pocket and make the call.

I have never been happier about my decision than I am after reading this post entitled “How to Miss a Childhood”.

Let’s face it: that title tugs at the heartstrings before you’ve even read the blog.

I am a very distractable person, and I’m often guilty of messing around on my computer while my son is finishing his lunch (and I feel guilty enough about that). Thank goodness I don’t have a cell phone to distract me while I’m grocery shopping with him, or playing outside with a ball, or picking him up from daycare. Instead we talk about what we’re buying at the store, kicking a soccer ball back and fourth, or having a big hug after not having seen each other all day.

I am not a perfect parent, but I am so grateful that I’ve somehow been wise enough to see that making my son my number one priority is so important. Perhaps it’s because I see kids every day whose parents don’t.



Getting rid of plastic

I’ve mentioned before that one of our long-term goals is to eliminate as much plastic as possible from our lives and our household. Plastic is a problem for so many reasons.

Plastic is the cheap and easy solution to so many problems in our lives: need to wrap up some food? Get some plastic wrap. Don’t want to wash that plate? Throw it out! More often than not it’s such a lazy solution, and it makes us lazier as a society. Not only that but it’s utterly horrible for the environment and our bodies.

Because of that we’ve been replacing some of our older plastic stuff (that needs replacing anyway) with non-plastic, durable items. I have ordered the majority of them from Life Without Plastic, an amazing company that truly seems to care about the products they sell. They also have a great blog that links to all kinds of interesting information about plastic and why we should get rid of it.

I’ll leave you with this awesome info graphic from facebook about plastic and it’s role in our lives.

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