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Cast iron skillet bread

I’ve posted in the past about my recent discovery of cast iron cookware, and how awesome I think it is… then I discovered that I could bake bread in my skillets… and now my life is complete.

I came across this recipe for italian herb skillet bread on pinterest, and was drawn in by how awesome the picture looked. I tried it (with my mom’s breadmaker recipe for dinner rolls instead of the pre-made dough), and I don’t think I’ll ever make those dinner rolls in any other way.

The bread came out perfectly crunchy on the bottom and soft and warm on the inside. Since the skillet held heat evenlyand baked the crust perfectly.

I’m on the lookout for other amazing things I can make in my skillets- any suggestions are welcome!


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4 thoughts on “Cast iron skillet bread

  1. We always bake our cornbread in our cast iron skillets. I think it’s tastier!

  2. Try scalloped potatoes – we love them made in our cast iron pans!

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